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Ramping Up Fulcrum’s Cloud Infrastructure

August 27, 2013

We just completed a substantial upgrade to the Fulcrum web platform, making our hosted service even better for our ever-growing global user base. Fulcrum data is now replicated in real time to multiple datacenters in separate geographic regions, increasing redundancy and making data even more safe and secure. As your teams are syncing up data from the field with customized data collection apps, all data is now streamed to several database servers simultaneously. We know how expensive field operations can be, so this level of data safety adds tremendous value to make sure you get the most out of your workforce. Mirrored cloud servers, along with complete data backups guarantee the safety of your valuable collected data.

Fulcrum in the Cloud

Our backend is now powered by PostgreSQL and PostGIS, the open source industry-standard database platform for working with spatial data. In the last few years, PostGIS (a set of geospatial extensions for Postgres) has been ramping up thanks to its awesome developer community. Combined with our ramped up cloud server infrastructure, these modifications are going to enable the next generation of improvements and features in Fulcrum. Powerful data operations using PostGIS spatial operations will provide better data analysis tools on the web, like searching, sorting, and filtering of data. Quality control and checking of field operations will be simpler.

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