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Introducing Fulcrum Views

October 7, 2019

Fulcrum’s record editor

Fulcrum’s web-based Record Editor is used by project managers and admins to view, modify, analyze, and export data collected in the field or imported into the platform. The Editor presents your data in an interactive table with an integrated map view and includes tools for browsing and filtering out subsets of records.

When we rebuilt the Editor a couple of years ago, we included local persistence, so any filtering, sorting, or column adjustments would automatically be saved to your browser and applied when you returned to your app. While this added a basic level of convenience, we realized there was room for improvement, especially as the added functionality enabled the Editor to become the default operational view into ongoing fieldwork.

Fulcrum Editor

As fieldwork progresses, record counts increase, and teams grow, data quality control becomes imperative. Reviewing data as soon as it becomes available helps prevent major headaches down the road and can save considerable time and money. Forms can be redesigned, technicians retrained, and the ship can be put back on course before a lot of unusable data is collected and revisits are needed.

With this in mind, we recently introduced a new method for saving these settings as “Views.” A View is a combination of filters, sorting, and column adjustments that can be named and saved for future reference. For example, let’s say you have a consistent operational need to review/download all inspection records updated in the previous 7 days with a status of Pass. You could set up a custom filter using a combination of fields (Status, Updated At, etc.), sort by timestamp, hide some nonessential fields, and save a view called Weekly Review for easy future access, without having to recreate all your settings.

Saving A View

Note that dynamic date filters (Last 7 days, This Month, etc.) are relative to when the view is loaded, so the range stays current. Once the view has been saved, it can be accessed via the app selector dropdown or in the views list below the app name on the Fulcrum dashboard.

Selecting A View

Views are currently only accessible to the user that creates them, but we are exploring additional sharing options for future updates. Start building some views to increase your productivity in the office today!