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Fulcrum’s new, easy-to-use tools gives field inspectors what they need to succeed

October 24, 2022

Hi Fulcrum fans! When looking for new ways to improve Fulcrum tools, we go to the source:  our users. We did our homework. We spent time with you and your field teams to understand how Fulcrum could make your jobs easier. Our goal was to enhance your teams’ productivity. As a result of this field research with you, our customers, we’re delighted to introduce new features and functionality. These changes make using Fulcrum more intuitive, user-friendly, and powerful than ever.

New and improved tools

In brief, the Fulcrum tools improvements include:

Day 1 field inspection/data collection expertise

Fulcrum’s updated intuitive interface helps your team bypass onboarding and get right to work. With a mobile device in hand complete with in-app reference materials, step-by-step instructions, photos and more, Fulcrum makes it easy for your field teams to become instant field inspection and data collection experts the moment they sign in.

Lead better from afar

We’ve improved program control, with rich inspection information only a click away to let you more effectively plan inspections and address field issues.

Ready to find out more? We’ve got you covered with an on-demand webinar. Check it out today to explore how Fulcrum makes it easy for your field teams to perform accurate field inspections and successful data collection.

Worker performing inspection on solar panels on a tablet using Fulcrum tools for data collection