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GIS Education at Hunter College

November 19, 2018

As premier sponsors of the American Geographical Society, we try to do our part in promoting geographic literacy, education, and the future of geo sciences.

Part of our effort last week was participating in the GIS Career Fair at Hunter College in Manhattan. Bill and I were there to showcase how geography fits into our business and talking with students about what it means to build a career centered around GIS and mapping. We talked to dozens of people about all aspects of the industry, with a diverse group interested in environmental science, renewable energy, remote sensing, computer science, and more.

About 20 companies and organization were in attendance, including NYC government groups, statewide agencies, as well as a few Geo2050 sponsor companies. We talked to over a hundred students from various disciplines in the Hunter geography department, as well as some in tangential studies that were interested in learning more about the field. It’s good to see the energy and excitement in the geospatial industry. The diversity of fields of study connected to GIS is impressive and it demonstrates a positive outlook for our space. Geography truly is the “science of everything”.