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How Fulcrum powers up electrical cooperatives

March 12, 2024

The electrical cooperative industry faces many challenges, including operational inefficiencies and security vulnerabilities. Fulcrum’s advanced field data collection and process management platform offers a promising solution to these issues. By integrating innovative technology with on-the-ground tasks, Fulcrum transforms the way electrical utilities manage their field operations, resulting in increased efficiency, reduced costs, and improved service reliability.

Enhancing operational efficiency

Fulcrum stands as a pivotal tool for electrical utility cooperatives by injecting precision and expedience into every facet of their field operations. The Fulcrum platform optimizes workflows, empowering utility cooperatives to deploy resources with greater precision and oversight.

In areas like vegetation management – a critical component for maintaining uninterrupted service – Fulcrum’s capabilities shine. The platform includes features such as lines and polygons for detailed mapping, enabling electric utility cooperatives to accurately monitor and manage vegetation growth around power infrastructure. This precision aids in identifying areas needing maintenance, directing teams to where they’re most needed. As a result, Fulcrum not only helps in reducing the risk of power outages due to vegetation interference but also enhances the efficiency of operational workflows, improving both resource allocation and the grid reliability.

Two electrical cooperative utility workers performing an inspection during a blackout by a utility tower

Emergency operations also benefit from Fulcrum’s streamlined approach. Fulcrum optimizes power outage management by enabling rapid data collection and efficient coordination between field teams and control centers, ensuring a swift response. Moreover, post-event analysis through Fulcrum’s reporting tools provides utilities with insights for improving future responses, increasing operational efficiency and resilience.

Strengthening grid security

The US grid faces a surge in attacks against electrical grids, ranging from vandalism to sabotage. The Department of Energy reported a 77 percent increase in physical attacks in 2022, highlighting the critical need for robust security measures and regular inspections.

Field data collection platforms play a crucial role in mitigating these threats by enabling utilities to conduct regular and comprehensive inspections. Fulcrum lets field teams efficiently collect data and provide real-time reporting, ensuring security vulnerabilities can be promptly identified and resolved. The platform equips utilities with data to evaluate their security measures’ effectiveness. This fosters informed decision-making and boosts security resilience significantly.

As threats to electrical utilities grow, Fulcrum is a key asset in strengthening the protection of the power grid. Fulcrum makes inspection routines more efficient, accurately identifies security concerns, and facilitates quick resolution of breaches. This enables utility companies to secure their sites, reduce hazards, and maintain steady operations.

Empowering electrical cooperatives with Fulcrum

Reliability and security are foundational pillars for the operational success of electrical cooperatives. The seamless provision of essential services to communities and businesses hinges on maintaining uninterrupted service. Any compromise in reliability or security can have significant consequences. Fulcrum’s innovative approach to managing field operations and fortifying security measures directly addresses these critical concerns. 

Cooperatives harnessing the Fulcrum field data collection and management platform can significantly boost their operational efficiency. This technology also enhances security and ensures service reliability for users. Its robust features allow utilities to anticipate and adapt to evolving challenges. Consequently, they maintain a competitive edge in today’s demanding environment. Moreover, the platform safeguards critical infrastructure and the communities depending on it.

Ready to optimize your operational efficiency and enhance security for your electrical cooperative? Our team of experts is here to help. Sign up for a no-obligation demo and take the first step towards a more efficient and secure future for your utility.