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How to Create an App in Fulcrum (Video)

November 11, 2019

Creating custom mobile forms in Fulcrum is super easy with our drag-and-drop app builder.

How easy? This video shows you how to do it in just 3 minutes!

How to Create an App in Fulcrum (Video)


We are excited to take you along our Fulcrum platform with this short video where we will demonstrate how to create your first app in Fulcrum.

To create an app in Fulcrum, log on to your Fulcrum account on your desktop or laptop computer. When you first log in, you’ll see this page. This is where all the apps you create will be listed once they’re built.

Click the green “New App” button in the upper right and you’ll be taken to the app designer page. This is where you will build your custom apps. You will also see up at the top a link that says “Choose a template from the App Gallery.” Clicking that link will take you to our gallery of app templates.

These templates were designed to give you an idea of what kinds of apps you can build. You probably won’t find one that meets your exact needs, but you might want to download one anyway just to play around and get comfortable with the platform — or you can download one of the templates and customize it so it works for your project.

If you choose this route, select an app to download, then click the yellow “Add this App” button. Once the app is downloaded to your account, it will open up in the app designer page. This is where you can customize it if you choose to do so. Click the “Save and Exit” button once you’re finished.

To build your own app, click the “New App” button to open the app designer and get started. In the fields on the right, give your app a name and a description that will help you remember the purpose of the app. For the first one, you might want to name it “Example App” and write in the description that you’re building this app just for practice.

On the left are the different types of files you can include in your app. Drag one into the layout area like this and you’ll be prompted to label each field as soon as you pull it into your layout. We recommend building a simple app with just a few fields this first time so you can start collecting records right away and get a feel for how Fulcrum works.

Once you’re finished building your app, click the “Save and Exit” button. As soon as you sync your mobile device, your app will be there.

You can build as many apps as you want with Fulcrum, so it’s okay to play around and try different things. Most people don’t create the perfect app on their first try, but once you get comfortable with the platform, you can start building more complex apps that will meet your needs. And remember that you can continue making some changes to your apps while they’re in production.

If you get stuck at any point along the way, just hit the red bubble at the bottom right to get help from our support team.

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