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Improved Data Visualization on the Web

May 30, 2013

We recently rolled out several major enhancements to the data view on the web. Among the enhancements are a new improved table view, a split table/map view, and a new record editing interface. We’ve gotten a lot of feedback about improving quality assurance (QA) workflows on the web, and this is the first major step to help you understand, verify, and correct your data as it’s being collected.

Table View

Data Views

One of the biggest enhancements is the addition of a new table view. This is a powerful QA tool that allows you to see many records at once to find inconsistencies without needing to drill into each record individually. You can also right click on an row to get a menu of actions to perform for a specific record. Double clicking on a row quickly opens the record into the new record editing interface. The table will even display image thumbnails inline for both photo fields and signature fields. We spent a lot of time making sure the table view works well even with thousands of records and extensive forms. This is a major step forward for doing QA and we will be working hard to make it even better.

Split View

Split View

The new split view provides a map and a table view so you can easily filter the table by panning and zooming on the map. The table section stays in sync with the data that is visible on the map. This allows you to spatially filter the table view so that you can find the exact records you’re looking for within an area of interest. It has all of the same features of the full table and map views, so all of the same actions work within the split view.

Record Editor

Record Editor

We’ve also completely re-written the record editing interface on the web to give users a better experience when editing many records. The editing interface is now much larger so you can view more of the data while editing. We’ve also introduced a new permalink view so you can now link directly to individual records, even while outside of Fulcrum. This will be useful if you’re integrating Fulcrum with other software and want to take advantage of our record editing interface.

Coming Soon

This is the first major step in improving the web interface for visualization and verifying data. We have much more planned, including searching, filtering, sorting, and more. Feedback is always welcome, so check us out on twitter or send us a message at support@fulcrumapp.com and let us know what you think.