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Integrating Fulcrum data with ArcGIS Online™

March 31, 2021

With the integration announced earlier this year, customers of Fulcrum and Esri™ can now get more value out of their investments in both platforms. By sending high-quality, real-time Fulcrum data into Esri, organizations can get a clearer picture of what’s happening on the ground, analyze their situation more effectively, and make better, more data-driven decisions.

Fulcrum now offers Feature Services, a preferred format for Esri to integrate with ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Pro. This ensures compatibility with Esri and easy integration of Fulcrum data into your Esri environment, which we’ll show you in the demonstration below:

The above video walks through the basics of creating a Feature Service to use in Esri tools, but if you prefer to read through the steps, you can follow along with the guide in this post below.

Creating a Feature Service

To add Fulcrum data as a layer in your ArcGIS project only requires a two-step process: create a view of the data you want to share, then enable sharing to create the Feature Service.

‍First, go to the Records page for the App you want to publish. There you can use the sort, filter, and search options to scope down the visible data to what you want to include in your view, including the map area if you only want to include a specific location.

  1. Then you’ll need to save your view and select “Shared”. Choose the Feature Service options to generate a link that you’ll use to add  your layer in ArcGIS.

Copy this URL with the button on the right side. We’ll now use this link to add our Feature Service in the ArcGIS project.

Adding the layer to an ArcGIS Online project

With an existing AGOL map open, select “Add” from the toolbar and choose the “Add Layer from Web” option. When it asks for the URL, you’ll need to pick “An ArcGIS Server Web Service” and insert the URL we copied from Fulcrum. Click Add Layer and you should see your data load into your map right away.

‍Open your existing ArcGIS Online map

  • Select “Add” from the toolbar and choose the “Add Layer from Web” option
  • Choose “An ArcGIS Server Web Service and insert the URL we copied from Fulcrum
  • Click “Add Layer”

Your Fulcrum data layer will load into the map right away.

What’s interesting here is that the Feature Service is a live web service, so any changes made in the field from your Fulcrum mobile users will be streamed to your ArcGIS map on each refresh. There’s no need to re-add or update the service link to see new data.

Any user with access to your ArcGIS Online portal maps now has insight into what’s happening in the field.

Want to learn more? Watch the webcast for a walk-through of Fulcrum-Esri integration and Q&A.