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New feature announcement: Reference Files to drive higher performance, more consistency, and better outcomes

April 6, 2021

Fulcrum enables organizations to eliminate many cumbersome, inefficient paper processes from their workflows to increase the productivity, safety, and quality of their field operations. But some mobile users — especially those with particularly complex and dangerous jobs — have still needed to carry paper safety booklets and bulky SOPs for reference on project sites. Until today’s launch of Fulcrum’s attached document feature.

Using reference files

Now, instead of lugging around heavy booklets and reams of paper, your mobile teams can access the reference documents they need directly from their mobile device — right within the app they’re already using.

You can now attach Reference Files — digital versions of safety data sheets, SOPs, process manuals and other critical documentation your workforce needs — directly to the Fulcrum apps your users depend on.

Screenshot of Fulcrum attached document feature

Simply add, delete, or update the relevant files in the Fulcrum app builder, and you can be sure that your field teams have easy access to the most up-to-date documentation, in context, wherever they are (and whether or not they have WiFi or cellular service). PDF documents and photos will open in the Fulcrum app, while other file types can be viewed in the app that’s appropriate for its format.

Fulcrum’s reference-file attachments increase productivity (and even the potential scope of work) by eliminating the difficulties associated with manually managed paper or electronic documents, and ensuring that all documents are always up to date and available. They empower your workforce with the information they need to ensure safety, quality, and compliance at all times. No more wasting time looking for bulky guides or project packets, dealing with ripped or damaged books, or scrolling through their laptops for the files they need.

Check out the documentation here for the details on how they work.

Coming soon: Record-level attachments that will enable your field teams to upload attachments via their mobile devices!