Spreadsheets have their place, but it’s not in the field.

They’re great for accounting, and even analyzing or visualizing certain types of information. But they’re terrible for mobile data collection — especially when you’re feeding that data into a GIS platform.

Sure, spreadsheets are a step up from paper, but they’re just as error prone. 

Check out this new video to see how location-aware mobile apps that integrate seamlessly with your GIS tools can save you from the kind of headaches spreadsheets can create.

Want to know more? Download the infographic, 5 Reasons You Have Dirty Data in Your GIS.

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5 Reasons You Have Dirty Data in Your GIS

When inaccurate or incomplete data makes it into your GIS tools, it causes friction and slows things down across your organization. Find out why your current processes are creating dirty data in your GIS tools, and how to clean it up.
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