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It’s time to leave spreadsheets for collecting field data behind

May 13, 2021

Spreadsheets excel in tasks like accounting and data analysis, offering versatility and ease of use in organizing and processing information. However, when it comes to collecting field data, particularly for integration with GIS platforms, their limitations become apparent. Fieldwork demands real-time data collection, often in diverse environments with varying connectivity and conditions. Spreadsheets lack the necessary functionalities for efficiently capturing and managing this data on the go. Furthermore, the manual input required for spreadsheet-based data entry increases the risk of errors, compromising data reliability.

In contrast, dedicated field data collection tools and mobile applications offer specialized features tailored to streamline data capture processes. These platforms enhance data quality, and facilitate seamless integration with GIS platforms. By embracing these modern solutions, organizations can optimize their field operations, improve data accuracy, and unlock the full potential of their GIS analyses.

Sure, spreadsheets are a step up from paper, but they’re just as error prone when collecting field data. 

Check out this new video to see how location-aware mobile apps that integrate seamlessly with your GIS tools can save you from the kind of headaches spreadsheets can create.

Want to know more? Download the infographic, 5 Reasons You Have Dirty Data in Your GIS.