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Location intelligence for smarter field inspections

By Linda Schwefel
December 1, 2022

You may know that Fulcrum is the only field inspection platform that automatically delivers location information with every inspection, every data point, every task, and every issue. But how does Fulcrum’s geolocation capability play out over different titles and job functions? We’ve explored just that in our new infographic, Location Intelligence for Smarter Field Inspections.

In the data sheet, we cover four job positions at a fictional company that manages solar energy infrastructure projects: field inspector, safety/quality/field ops manager, regional director/business manager, and GIS/IT professional. Read below to get a quick peek at some of the practical applications of Fulcrum’s automatic location intelligence for each of these roles.

Field Inspector

I use Fulcrum on my mobile device to perform safety, quality, and maintenance inspections for both new construction and existing solar grids.

Mapped task locations give me a quick visual snapshot of where I need to be for my assigned inspections so I can efficiently plan my day.

Automatic geographic tagging of every inspection record and data point means I don’t have to manually input location data, saving time and eliminating errors.

Safety/Quality/Field Ops Manager

I use Fulcrum to manage safety, quality, and maintenance inspection programs for both new solar site construction and existing grids.

I’m able to immediately make use of location-based task planning capabilities through easy upload of our existing site and asset grid databases, without having to recreate records.

With one click, I’m able to provide rich geographic segmentation information from GIS or other map layers to my field inspectors to help them find their way to the correct jobsite.

Regional Director/Business Manager

I use Fulcrum’s consolidated inspection data and management information to drive insights and improve performance and P&L for my company’s solar grids in my region.

I can easily segment and consolidate inspection issue information by geography to understand high risk areas, identify low performers, and perform root cause analyses.

I can reduce insurance costs and provide proof of compliance at specific, precise locations with digital inspection records, reported issues, and remediation data.

GIS/IT Professional

I use Fulcrum to better maintain and support datasets, data modeling, and provide foundational data resources to other teams for decision support.

With automated GPS data collected by default, I never have to go back to field teams to chase down missing location data.

I can easily integrate inspection and asset location information with other business systems, including native support of ARCGIS, to better support field teams.

To explore more benefits of automatic location intelligence by role, please check out Location Intelligence for Smarter Field Inspections!