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Full Support for App Icons

November 7, 2014

The latest updates to the Fulcrum Android and iOS mobile apps include some great new functionality that we are excited to announce. While every update includes subtle improvements, behind-the-scenes performance enhancements, and bug fixes, this release includes some great new features for truly customizing your mobile apps.

Mobile App Icons

Back in August we released the App Dashboard page for the Fulcrum web admin interface. This update allowed you to upload a custom image or logo for each of your apps. We are happy to announce that these images are now available from the mobile app selector as well. After upgrading to the latest version of the app, be sure to sync with the server to pull these images down to your device.

App icons allow you to associate your full logo and brand identity, which is now exposed to your mobile users. This is great for folks using Fulcrum as the mobile component to an enterprise GIS or asset management system, which may be utilized by customers outside of the administering organization.

Mobile App Icons

We’d love to hear how you are taking advantage of this new functionality and we’re always looking for new ideas, so send your feature requests to support@fulcrumapp.com