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New Mobile Record Actions

March 5, 2014

The latest Fulcrum mobile updates include some great new features, which should help to make your fieldwork more productive. In addition to the new time fields, checklist fields, and improved validation, we’ve added a few new record actions and editing options that are worth taking a few moments to review.

Fulcrum Driving Directions

New Record Actions

You can interact with individual records from the List View on Android by long pressing on the record of interest, and on iOS by swiping left on the record and tapping “More”. This pops up a menu of actions that, until recently, only allowed you to delete a local record from the device. With the release of Version 2.6.0 on Android and Version 2.2.0 on iOS, we’ve added 3 additional actions to this menu.

Mobile Record Actions

Duplicate Record

Selecting the “Duplicate” option allows you to quickly create a new record using the values of an existing record. You have 3 options when duplicating a record: location only, data values only, or both location and values. You still have the ability to change the information before saving the record, so this functionality allows you to rapidly collect data for similar features without a lot of unnecessary tapping and typing. This also helps to ensure data integrity and continuity, especially when duplicating comments and other free form text inputs.

Show On Map

This is an often requested feature that we are happy to finally implement! Tap on this option to zoom to the record location on the map. This feature can come in particularly handy when you want to center the map on a known location for testing offline maps. Simply add a record via the web interface, sync your device, and then zoom into the record from the List View.

Driving Directions

On iOS devices, this will open the Apple Maps app with directions from your current location to the record location. On Android devices, you will be prompted to select a mapping application. Currently Fulcrum supports both the native Google Maps app, as well as Google Maps in the browser.

Access Map View Options When Setting Record Location

In addition to these new record actions, you can now access the map view options when setting or updating a record’s location. For example, if your Map View has a streets basemap, you may want switch to aerial imagery when setting the record location. You can now quickly access your maps and layers from the location screen without having to return to the Map View.

Your Input Helps Drive Development

While these may seem like minor enhancements, we expect that they will greatly enhance field productivity and help to ensure data consistency. If you have any suggestions on how to make Fulcrum even better, feel free to send us your feature requests to support@fulcrumapp.com. We always love to hear the innovative ways folks are using Fulcrum, so be sure to keep in touch!