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My Measures for Dimensions and Annotations

June 2, 2015

If you use Fulcrum to conduct facility inspections, perform building safety audits, or any number of construction-related applications, you’ll find plenty of places where you’ll want to make notes of measurements and dimensions. Today we wanted to highlight a handy mobile app for iOS that lets you document measurements clearly and consistently, and makes it easy to upload those to Fulcrum to include with full inspection data and Fulcrum reports.

My Measures & Dimensions is a utility mobile app designed specifically for dimensioning on pictures taken in the field iOS.

My Measures dimensions and annotations
  • Add distance measurements
  • Configure unit settings (standard, metric)
  • Calculate angles
  • Use linear dimensions to calculate areas and volumes
  • Change styles and colors for your dimension or text annotations
  • Overlay other images as inset graphics

Check out this quick video showing how the app works for iPad:

Once you’ve annotated a photo with the app, you can save it to your photo library, then attach the photo to any record in Fulcrum. This is a powerful, low-cost additional capability for anyone using Fulcrum for real estate services, engineering, architecture, and a host of construction inspection needs. Follow @sis_software for more about My Measures and their other cool utility mobile applications.