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True offline maps for Android

August 14, 2020

No network – no problem! Using maps when offline in Fulcrum

Today we added a much anticipated feature to our Android client that now allows users to save time and bandwidth. Previously in order to utilize true offline maps on Android, each map would have to be uploaded to your account, and then downloaded back down to each device. This presents challenges for users with limited to zero Internet connectivity.

Offline maps - selecting map layer screenshot on mobile

To solve this, we have added the ability to tell the Fulcrum Android application about MBTiles files that exist locally on your device. This grants users and organizations the flexibility to determine how the actual file gets on the device. Whether it is a direct transfer from computer to device via USB, or downloading the file from a network location, as long as you can get the file on the device, you can use it.

Once you copy or download the MBTiles file to your Android device, launch Fulcrum and navigate to the basemap selection screen that you are already familiar with. You will notice a new menu item in the top right corner labeled “Add Offline Basemap”. Simply tap this and a file explorer type screen will display.

Then, navigate through your device’s file system to the location where you placed the file. Note that the file must have the “.mbtiles” file extension to be listed. Once you find it, tap the filename to return to the basemap selection screen. Here, your new offline basemap will appear listed.Simply select it from the list and you’re ready to collect some data!

To remove a basemap that you added via this method, all you need to do is delete the MBTiles file. Fulcrum will recognize it is no longer present and remove it from the list.

‍2023 update:

F‍or map users and GIS teams, an Esri update!

Exciting news! Fulcrum has partnered with Esri to enhance its technology stack. Fulcrum is a top-rated field inspections and data collection solution, particularly when it comes to location-related capabilities. Esri, on the other hand, is the leading geographic information systems (GIS) platform used across various industries that require mapping, location data, and analysis.

This collaboration will integrate Fulcrum with Esri’s flagship product line, ArcGIS™, by using Esri’s runtime software development kit (SDK). As a result, Fulcrum users will benefit from a more enriched mapping experience. Additionally, the capability for data exchange with Esri products will see significant improvements.

The schedule sets the first delivery of the Esri SDK for mobile in early 2023. The update will feature customer-defined labeling on pins, along with pin clustering for large datasets, making it easier to manage inspections on mobile devices. This saves time and increases data accuracy, allowing users to accomplish more inspections in a day and potentially exceed their targets.

If you’re interested in seeing how Fulcrum integrates with Esri’s ArcGIS Online and upcoming new features, please check out our on-demand webinar previewing some of the upcoming integration functionality.