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Our Time at CartoDB14

December 30, 2014

During December 11 and 12, Bryan and I joined CARTO in New York City for their CartoDB14 partner event.

We visited their office in Brooklyn on that Thursday for technical workshops spanning many topics:

  • The CARTO Editor web interface to import data and create visualizations
  • Torque for animated maps
  • CartoDB.js for bringing CARTO into your custom maps
  • Tapping into the SQL API for more advanced integrations
  • Optimizations and tips for visualizing large amounts of data
Fulcrum partners with CARTO

Later that evening, quite a few people gave lightning talks about projects where they’ve used CARTO. Bryan talked about using Fulcrum for structured data collection and CARTO for analysis. We demoed a small application to show syncing Fulcrum and CARTO in real-time using Fulcrum webhooks.

After the lightning talks, we had time to connect with people who currently use Fulcrum for their data collection, as well as others who wanted to know more about what we do and how we tie in with CARTO. It was fantastic to see the awesome work everyone is doing, talk with folks in person, and feel the energy in the room.

On Friday, at the Ace Hotel in Manhattan, we learned more about CARTO’s vision for the future. They explained how they’re aiming to be a platform on which their partners and customers can build more than they ever could alone. They also gave us a peek at what’s coming in 2015.

We’re certainly excited about what they’ve got in store, and how we’ll be able to tighten integration between Fulcrum and CARTO and make it easier for our customers to do even more, more easily. Keep an eye out!