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Introducing Record-Overview Popups

September 25, 2017

Viewing records on both split view and map view just got easier. We’re introducing a new feature to the Fulcrum Editor — a record-overview popup that includes several important fields. The new overview popup shows:

  • Title
  • Status
  • Photo Thumbnails
  • Updated Date and Time
  • Last User to Edit

The popup menu appears as a web user hovers over the record points on the map view. Clicking on the record point now opens the record and clicking on a thumbnail photo will open to that photo.

Popup Menu

The record popup also works on split view. When a user scrolls over the list of records, the popup for the corresponding record appears on the map.

Popup Menu GIF

If you prefer the horizontal orientation on split view, simply double click the dividing line between the map and records tabs.

Switching Split View

These popups make it simple to quickly see the data you’ve collected in context. We hope you find this new functionality useful!

As always, we’re curious what you think about the new features we’ve been adding to Fulcrum – send us an email at Support@fulcrumapp.com and let us know your opinion!