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Preventing falls in construction

April 12, 2021

OSHA’s latest findings for 2020 underscore fall protection as the top cited violation, marking a decade-long trend. This highlights the pressing need for enhanced measures to prevent falls in the construction sector. The consistent recurrence of fall protection violations signals a systemic challenge that requires urgent attention and proactive solutions.

The alarming rise in fatal falls to lower levels since 2011, peaking at 401 in 2019, equating to over a third of construction fatalities, is a cause for grave concern. These tragic incidents not only result in loss of life but also inflict profound emotional and financial repercussions on families, communities, and the industry at large. It’s imperative to recognize that each of these fatalities represents a preventable loss, underscoring the urgency of effective intervention strategies.

Preventing falls in construction is within reach. Employers are obligated to implement robust safety protocols and provide comprehensive fall prevention training. Proactive measures such as regular safety inspections, proper equipment maintenance, and ongoing safety training can significantly mitigate fall-related risks.

Our guide, “Falling Up: Strategies to Combat Deadly Falls in Construction,” serves as a valuable resource for industry stakeholders. It offers actionable insights and practical advice on mitigating fall-related risks and fatalities in construction sites. Fostering a culture of safety, prioritizing worker training, and leveraging innovative technologies are key.

Compliance with regulatory requirements is essential. Investing in comprehensive fall prevention measures is not only ethically imperative but also financially prudent. Prioritizing worker safety and implementing effective fall prevention strategies can safeguard the workforce. It can also enhance productivity and protect the company’s bottom line.

An injured construction worker being tended to by co-workers - preventing falls in construction