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Spatial Networks Announces New CIO and CTO

March 1, 2018

We are excited to announce two internal promotions here at Spatial Networks that will help guide us toward our robust growth plans for 2018 and beyond!

Bill Dollins, Spatial Networks CIO

Bill Dollins, who joined SNI in 2017 as Vice President of Engineering and Technology, was named Chief Information Officer (CIO), and will be responsible for all corporate information systems, network security, and business operations support going forward. He will also take on the role of Geographic Information Officer (GIO), assuming executive authority and responsibility for SNI’s geospatial data holdings, including its corporate data privacy policy, and management and organizational support for content management.

“I’ve known Bill for a number of years and I had originally approached him about joining the team in a different capacity,” said SNI Founder and CEO Tony Quartararo. “He’s been devoted to getting a handle on the entire SNI landscape over the past year, and during that time, we have grown in some very significant ways.

“Bill is a seasoned geospatial professional and brings significant IT expertise to the team, so it was a natural evolution and fit to ask Bill to take on this role. In recognition of that broad and robust background, I’m also happy to see Bill agreed to shoulder the responsibility of being SNI’s first GIO as well, so that we can stay current on geospatial data best-practices, location privacy issues and information security.

“I know Bill will address a wide array of issues in this new role and I’m confident that SNI and our customer’s will benefit greatly from his leadership.”

“I’m excited about this new opportunity and welcome the chance to guide our information strategy through the next phase of growth at Spatial Networks,” Bill said. “I’m looking forward to working with Tony, Zac, and the rest of the team to keep our products the best available.”

Zac McCormick, Spatial Networks CTO

Zac McCormick, who has served as SNI’s Director of Engineering for the last three years, was named Chief Technology Officer (CTO). In his new role, Zac will have executive authority and be responsible for all commercial products and assume management of the engineering teams for mobile and web, systems architecture, roadmap, resourcing, budgeting, and, in collaboration with the CIO, ensure that the company’s products and valuable data are secure.

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Zac for a number of years now, and he’s been instrumental in the technology innovation for Fulcrum since it’s earliest inception,” Tony said. “I’ve watched him work tirelessly with a positive attitude over the years, and he has an ability to solve highly complex technical problems as well as business acumen that is intelligent and informative.

“We often have to make difficult decisions with products and I’ve come to respect and rely upon Zac’s thought process in making decisions. He’s earned this promotion and I’m confident in his ability to handle the responsibilities involved in the years to come.”

“I’m extremely excited to take on this new challenge,” said Zac. “We’ve built an amazing team and platform and will continue to grow for the rest of 2018 and beyond. Fulcrum is growing at a phenomenal pace and I’m confident we will continue to be the industry leader in geospatial field intelligence platforms. We have a lot planned for 2018 and I think our best years are still ahead of us.”

The promotions went into effect this morning, so please join us in congratulating Bill and Zac on their accomplishments!

SNI currently employs 38 people, but the company’s strategic plan for 2018 includes increasing staff to 62 by year’s end. Want to join the team? See our open positions and apply on our Careers page today!