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Property inspection software success stories

April 24, 2023

We love sharing the innovative ways our clients use Fulcrum to make their field inspection tasks easier, faster, and more comprehensive. Today we focus on clients using Fulcrum to inspect properties, both indoors and outdoors, for their customers and the public. Read on to learn how Fulcrum has transformed the way they do their work!

Carrington Risk Consulting  

Carrington Risk is a consulting firm that helps companies manage all types of risk across their properties – from fire to flood to earthquakes – to mitigate losses and negotiate the lowest possible insurance premiums. To do this, Carrington Risk performs risk analysis surveys at client properties, gathering information to generate detailed reports that are often more than 50 pages long. With Fulcrum, the inspector surveying the property has preloaded data from the previous year’s inspection, and can make changes to the report on the spot, greatly reducing the amount of time it takes to generate the reports and get the information to their clients.

“Traditionally in the property risk control industry, if a field engineer is allotted 8 hours to do a survey, they get 16 hours to write the report. Now report writing time is almost at zero. It’s actually a 66% time savings.”

Degenkolb Engineers

Degenkolb is America’s oldest and largest earthquake engineering firm, specializing in earthquake remediation. Degenkolb began using Fulcrum to perform surveys of hospitals in California to provide documentation of earthquake mitigation efforts. Initially working with pen, paper and camera, inspections were time-consuming and had the potential to disrupt sensitive hospital operations. With Fulcrum, custom surveys are tailored to each building to minimize data entry on mobile devices for more consistent results. In addition, equipment information can be preloaded into apps allowing for simple verification instead of re-entering. Multiple engineers can be deployed in the same building to quickly populate a common database, resulting in less disruption to hospital staff and patients.

“Fulcrum has enabled our staff to leverage the computers we all carry in our pockets to collect project-specific data in a consistent format.”

Santa Barbara County Fire Department (SBCFD)

In addition to fighting fires and responding to other emergencies, the SBCFD performs 16,000 “defensible space” inspections annually. During a defensible-space inspection, firefighters conduct a structural survey on the building to identify its material makeup and ensure it has a 100-foot buffer, free from dead trees and overgrowth, to reduce the risk of fire. When the SBCFD used paper inspections, some stations had backlogs of thousands of inspections, and there was no way to easily track what inspections were done, or to prioritize inspections in high risk areas. After the implementation of Fulcrum, the SBCFD can better allocate its resources, and just by looking at a map can see which areas have been inspected and where more inspectors are needed. Using custom forms with repeated information pre-populated, as well as drop-down menus with multiple choice and yes/no options, means filling out the forms takes less time and produces more reliable results.

“Before we were able to do three inspections a day; now we can do 20. A lot of that just comes from the simplification of the inspection form and the default auto-population. It really saves a lot of time for the inspectors out in the field.”


Ready to write your own Fulcrum property inspection success story? Our customer success team is here to walk you through the industry-leading Fulcrum field inspection management platform, and even get you started with your first custom app. Sign up for your free 30-minute demo today!