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Using QR Codes for Asset Inventory and Maintenance Logs

January 12, 2016

QR codes are not just for company promotions and marketing anymore, businesses can use them for things like Asset Inventory, Asset Tracking, Maintenance Records and Logs & Ticketing. The Fulcrum barcode field allows users to quickly scan any type of barcode and QR code and pull up records with the scanned information. QR Codes are better in many ways over barcodes, mainly because they are faster to scan and can hold more information. Here’s how to quickly get started using Fulcrum and QR codes.

In order to perform any type of inventory or maintenance logging, you would need a lot of unique QR codes to attach to company equipment and vehicles.

Creating QR Codes

The first step is to make lots of uniquely numbered QR codes. The easiest service I’ve found to do this is Scanova.io. Scanova charges $75 for 5000. Just tell them you want uniquely numbered QR Code sheets on an Avery template. They have a two day delivery guarantee. (And you can use the promo code FULCRUM for 20% off your order). For printed sticker sheets to put on indoor equipment, use Avery product 22805 ($16 for 600).

Fulcrum Photo Metadata

Creating an App

Once you’ve printed your QR codes on stickers you will need to build an inventory app in Fulcrum. Whatever type of app you build, just use the barcode field and the record for your asset or piece of equipment can quickly be searched and located in future inspections or database updates.

Start attaching stickers to equipment and then catalog the item as a record in Fulcrum. Each time that item needs maintenance you can use a repeatable section for the maintenance log.

Implementing QR codes in your workflow has never been easier. Be sure to try this feature out for your inventories and see how much more productive your team can be.