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RYOBI Phone Works and Fulcrum

February 20, 2015

Our Fulcrum team is continuously trying to push the limits of mobile collection technology and build what we learn into new capabilities to help our customers. I am always on the lookout for commercial or consumer products that our customers could use in tandem with Fulcrum. Recently while shopping at Home Depot, I came across the new Ryobi’s Phone Works devices which function on both iPhones and Android phones (compatibility list).


RYOBI Phone works in Home Depot

I purchased the majority of these products for use at the office as well as at home.

  • Inspection Scope – $99
  • Laser Distance Measurer – $79
  • Infrared Thermometer – $49
  • Laser – Level – $39
  • Moisture Meter – $29
  • Noise Suppressing Earphones with Mic – $19
  • Stud Finder – $19
  • Laser Pointer – $14
  • Storage Case – $19

After a few hours of use, I found them fairly easy to use. Their mobile app can have a steep learning curve at first, so be prepared. I recommend watching the step by step videos on the Ryobi website from the links above. Products that are first to market are never perfect, but I do give Ryobi credit for bringing previously unintelligent tools into smartphone compatibility. Once users have captured their readings and results, the data can now be saved and transmitted back to the office or to contractors, management, architects, engineers, etc. Documentation and measurements can now be stored in photo, video, or audio notes. These tools would be great used in documenting water damage, site inspection, home inspections. Once the inspection is done Fulcrum can produce an instant PDF report for the customer.

Testing phone works outside

Fulcrum Use

If Fulcrum users have a need for measuring a project with one of these tools, users can now catalog the data in their Fulcrum app. Just make sure you change the Ryobi default setting to: Save to Camera Roll. Then attach the image or video into your Fulcrum app for normal use.