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Sending SMS from Fulcrum

May 4, 2015

Sending SMS messages to customers or clients while out in the field is an incredibly useful timesaver. When using Zapier with Fulcrum it is now possible to send SMS to predefined numbers or add a field to the bottom of your app and send your message to any customer. Whenever Fulcrum is synced it will trigger Zapier and push a SMS to your recipient. The best option I’ve found is using Twilio for this service. The use cases are endless, but here are just a few I imagine will be used:

Send an SMS

  • With a web link to a customer survey following maintenance work
  • To the customer when the job status changes and the field worker is in route
  • To update a team manager of job issue
  • To notify a whole team of urgent safety issues

Steps to Setup

1. Create a Zapier account. Check out our quick guide on getting Fulcrum linked with your account. We’ll create a Zap later.

2. Create a Twilio account. Learn more about how Twilio trial accounts work on their site. It does help to add $20 to your account for testing. It is the minimum amount required. Under their trial account you can only send SMS messages to your own cell phone and nothing more. Tip: Make sure you have Twilio give you an assigned send number. You’ll need it later for the “From Number” inside Zapier.

Twilio Phone Number

3. Create a number field in your Fulcrum app for Phone Number. In the US, the format 15553334444 is what is required.

4. Create a Zap using your Fulcrum API Key and API Webhook found in settings.

Twilio Phone Number

Now when you collect a record in your Fulcrum app, an SMS message will send to a customer phone number with a personal message. Remember, while this Zap is set to send a message when a record is created, it is also possible to set a trigger to send an SMS when a record status changes or when a record is assigned to a specific user.

Send SMS via Twilio from new Fulcrum records Use this Zap