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Step up your game with Fulcrum Academy

February 3, 2022

The Fulcrum field inspection management platform is incredibly versatile, with functionality to power field operations, intelligent decision making, and more, with virtually unlimited business applications. But that very power can sometimes be daunting – where to start? And, once you’ve started, how do you learn how to make the most of the platform?

The Fulcrum Academy learning platform

Fulcrum Academy is a user-friendly tutorial platform where users, administrators, and business owners can access courses to help them better leverage the Fulcrum field inspection management system.  Some highlights of the Fulcrum Academy offering:

  • All skill levels are welcome. Whether you’re brand new, an advanced user, or somewhere in between, Fulcrum Academy has got you covered with tutorials for all levels of expertise.
  • Fun-sized education.  We know you’re busy, and might not have a chance to sit down and devote hours to training. Fulcrum Academy makes training fun with bite-sized morsels of learning, with many sessions lasting only a few minutes.
  • Learn just what you need. Each session can be done independently and out of order, so if you have a specific question, you can simply complete the corresponding tutorial.
  • Make a learning discovery. When you’re new enough to not know the right questions to ask, Fulcrum Academy allows users to follow the learning path and make discoveries along the way.
  • Have Fulcrum work for you. Learn core concepts as well as tips and tricks to make tasks easier, and add minutes (or more!) to your day.
  • Show off a little. Once you’ve completed tutorial sessions, Fulcrum Academy can evaluate your knowledge with concept testing. Passing scores are also able to be shared on LinkedIn demonstrating your level of Fulcrum platform certification.

Whether you’re just starting out and need a walkthrough to build your first field inspection management process or are already far along in your Fulcrum platform journey, Fulcrum Academy stands ready to help broaden your knowledge and give you the tools you need to make the platform work best for you.

Visit Fulcrum Academy today, learn what you know you need to know (and what you didn’t know you needed to know!), and get started on your Fulcrum learning journey.