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Talking Automation at IAAO 2016

August 19, 2016

Later this month we’ll be at the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO) Conference, talking in-depth about what appraisers and assessors can do to automate their field data collection processes. We talk with hundreds of customers with diverse arrays of projects, and so frequently the underlying pains in dealing with data are the same, regardless of industry. My talk will cover some thoughts on best-practices to designing data workflows, actionable things you can implement to make your fieldwork more efficient, and how to maximize costly field resources (your people) to create “evergreen” data you can use over time.

IAAO 2016

The property tax assessors space is an interesting market for technology, with a unique problem set for GIS, data collection, and analysis tools to solve. There are some universal challenges when dealing with parcel data, and it’s a linchpin government function that underlies much of the local government funding apparatus — if the assessor doesn’t have good data, they can’t collect the proper taxes, and the citizen suffers as a result of inadequate funding to municipal programs. It’s not front and center to most residents, but it’s essential that the assessor has a good set of processes and tools to do their job.

Earlier this year we presented at URISA’s GIS CAMA Conference to showcase how Lake County, FL’s property appraiser is using Fulcrum to conduct damage assessments in their county. That talk was focused around the workflow for damage assessment and how the County is supporting the Emergency Operations Center.