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Week in Workflow: Manage Time, 1Password TouchID, & Slack

November 11, 2016

This week we’ve got some interesting links from around the web — tips on using Slack more efficiently with a large group, personal time management, and notes on the latest powerful update to Workflow (the excellent iOS app).

Having Fun with Touch ID and the Touch Bar →

In their new MacBook Pro line, Apple has added the Touch Bar, a multitouch dynamic display row that replaces the function keys with an interactive touch screen. The design team from 1Password published this nice concept for how their application could use the Touch Bar to unlock and access your password vaults using TouchID on your Mac. The Touch ID functionality on iOS makes 1Password an essential tool for secure password management, so it’s nice to see this on its way to the Mac.

Shaping Up Your Slack →

We’re avid users of Slack at Fulcrum. Each day more of our team communications and collaboration makes its way into Slack in favor of other tools. It’s powerful, but “with great power comes great responsibility”. Rands has some tips on how you can effectively organize lines of communications to maximize what Slack brings to your team, and reduce the notification noise from group chat.

Workflow Supports Web APIs →

One of our favorite apps for automating workflows on iOS got an excellent update in 1.5.3. Workflow allows you to stitch together operations in multiple apps, or create quick access widgets for repeat tasks. This latest change adds the ability to tie into external web APIs. This means you can fetch from or post to services that don’t have native support in Workflow already. A great addition to a powerful application.

Time Management Tips →

The team from Toggl, a great application for time tracking, runs through a nice list of tips for managing your time effectively.