Top Support Questions of 2018
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Top Support Questions of 2018

We take pride in our customer support here at Fulcrum. In fact, we think we have the best in the business!

Fulcrum help!

This year, our support team fielded upward of 1,500 requests per month. I asked our Product Support Manager, Alex, and Product Support Rep, Mike, to share some of the most common questions they received this year.

Here are the questions (and their answers), in no particular order:

Q: How do I set the location of a record? Is there a location field?

Fulcrum has built-in system fields that are used for capturing the coordinates of a record. To enable location capture for an app (enabled by default) all you have to do is enable the location settings that you want to use from the app settings panel on the right side of the app designer page.

When location capture is enabled, the mobile apps will automatically capture the location of the mobile device as the record is created. The location can then be manually moved if needed and allowed. On the web app, users can manually set the location of the record while creating the record. - Alex

Q: Is it possible to have different users have different access levels?

Assigning roles is a great way to set up different access levels within Fulcrum. There are three roles that come built in and they are Standard User, Manager, and Owner. In addition to the built-in roles, you can create custom roles which gives you the ability to grant users access to items such as creating records, editing records, removing records, and exporting records. - Mike

Q: How can I make the pins from the map view different colors?

A record’s status field is used to change the color of the pins in the map view. The status field is setup from the app designer page and designates a particular status for an individual record. One great thing about status fields is that they can be controlled through data events, which takes the worry away from having to remember to change the status manually. An example of a data event doing this can be found here. - Mike

Q: Can I get directions to a record?

You can! The mobile apps leverage the native map apps to provide directions to the location of a record. To access the directions you need to either long-press (Android) or swipe left (iOS) on the record in the list view page. Then select “more” (on iOS only) and select driving directions. This will result in the location being provided to the maps app so you can get directions to the location of the record. - Alex

Q: Is there a way to hide or make fields required under certain conditions?

Fulcrum allows you to set up conditional logic rules on fields in your apps based on your collection requirements. This means you can dynamically show or hide fields or sections based on values entered in specific fields. You can set a condition on any field or section. This can also be applied toward making fields required. One thing to note is that if you want to make a field required if it is displayed, you can simply make the field required using the required checkbox option and just build the logic using visibility logic. Visibility rules superseded requirements, so the field will only be required if it is visible. - Alex

Q: How can I edit my data in bulk?

You can edit multiple records at a time within your own spreadsheet editor. First you will need to export your data from Fulcrum to a CSV file. You can then use a program like Excel or Numbers to make your edits and save the file. After you have your updated file you can update your existing data by importing that file into Fulcrum. - Mike

If you have a question about Fulcrum, check out our help docs or just click on the red bubble at the bottom right corner of any page on our website to chat with Alex or Mike!

Fulcrum is a data collection platform that enables businesses to reduce costs, access critical data in real time, and improve decision making at every level. With Fulcrum, you can create custom apps using our simple drag-and-drop builder to turn your paper documents into digital forms that your field teams can quickly complete on mobile devices.

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