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Tracking Sales Activity with Fulcrum

April 15, 2015

CRM systems abound on the internet these days, giving sales teams ample ways to log sales meetings, leads, customer interaction, and track business opportunities. Giving sales teams and management the visibility into operations and sales activity can bring incredible value to your organization if done well. However, a CRM tool is only as valuable as the data you put into your system. The more rapidly you have raw data and feedback from your field sales people, the faster you can make decisions to influence the customer or prospect interaction process.

Sales and lead tracking with Fulcrum

In modern, fast-moving sales environments, you want your sales team to enter key metrics and update information about sales leads or pipeline changes as they’re happening, in the field. The faster your sales team can move and connect dots for potential clients, the more sales you’ll make. To do this, you need something mobile, user-friendly, and customized around the way your sales team works, around specific details and metrics important to you. Many of the popular online CRM systems have mobile apps, but they tend to be single-purpose.

In Fulcrum you can build your own apps for sales leads, customer meetings, sales orders, and more. Using our App Designer tools, you can specify exactly what information you want to capture in the field, including photos, any relevant customer details, and even audio notes.

Tying Fulcrum into your CRM

Using our integration with Zapier, you can hook up your lead capture process to a dozen different online CRM systems including Highrise, Nimble, Salesforce, Base, SalesforceIQ, and more.

I’ve built an example workflow in less than 10 minutes using Fulcrum in conjunction with Base, a beautiful and easy to use web CRM platform. I created a “Sales Leads” app inside of Fulcrum for staff to use across the organization for tracking interactions with potential clients, current customers, partners, and resellers.

When any of your staff are out of the office with customers, partners, or potential prospects, with Fulcrum in their hands on their smartphone it’s easy to log activity to a Base account. Watch this video example to see how it works.

Using a setup like this, you can make it easy for your staff to contribute to customer relationship management using Fulcrum alongside the other apps they need to collect data day to day.