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Transportation Mapping at the GIS-T Conference

March 31, 2016

Next week I’ll be in Raleigh for the 2016 AASHTO GIS for Transportation Symposium. The conference is an opportunity for government transportation departments, private industry, technology creators, and analysts to discuss the latest in GIS mapping for transportation and traffic purposes. We have hundreds of users with Fulcrum deployed for transportation use cases including asset management, construction monitoring, inspections, traffic studies, and more. It gives us a great chance to hear about the latest industry challenges.

GIS-T in Raleigh

The schedule for GIS-T looks great, with case studies presented by dozens of state and local agencies on what they’re doing today with GIS.


Day one of the conference will be in-depth workshops covering a diversity of topics. Here are some highlights that we’re interested in:

  • Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS): Concepts, Data Collection & Reporting – FHWA’s Ronald Vaughn and Joseph Hausman will talk about the HPMS and how they’re managing data modeling, collection, and sampling to maintain our national highway network.
  • Transportation Asset Management: Planning, Strategy, and Implementation – Allen Ibaugh and Jason Amadori from DTS deep dive on asset management, data collection, and risk analysis to give administrators a better sense for meeting MAP-21 requirements for the future.
  • Open Source / Open Data – Open source technology is booming in the geo business. Tom Roff from FHWA will be walking through the latest tools and technologies for FOSS4G.


Here’s just a snapshot of the sessions that caught my eye we’re planning on checking out.

  • ADA Asset Collection and Reporting (Miranda Needham, Montana DOT) – ADA compliance is a critical issue in the transportation design space, with modern urban design approaches focused on sustainability and access. This talk covers assessment of the current infrastructure and building a plan to bring assets up to compliance.
  • Shaping the Future of the National Transportation Atlas Databases (Derald Dudley, USDOT) – The NTAD is a massive set of databases of transport facilities, networks, and infrastructure, with 57 separate GIS layers.
  • Extracting Data from Roads and Highways (Ray L. Chilcote, NCDOT) – A technical talk on how NCDOT improved automated processing and extraction from the statewide roads and highways database.
  • Building a National Address Database (Steve Lewis, USDOT & Michael Terner, AppGeo) – A huge range of services and platforms require up-to-date address information, from emergency services, to postal delivery, to permitting, and a thousand other use cases. I’m curious to see how the approach to assembling a national dataset, and how it compares to (or even better, could be integrated with) new open data initiatives like OpenAddresses.

If you’ll be there in Raleigh next week, message Heather or me on Twitter to meet up.