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Unveiling Fulcrum tools at the 2024 Esri User Conference

June 6, 2024

As we gear up for the 2024 Esri User Conference, Fulcrum is excited to showcase several groundbreaking features and recent developments that enhance geospatial field data collection and management. These innovations promise to streamline field operations and improve data reliability, setting a new standard for GIS integration and field data handling.

GPS tracking for field observations

Fulcrum’s GPS tracking feature allows users to accurately map and document various field observations in real-time. This capability is particularly beneficial for a wide range of applications, such as tracing downed power lines, documenting environmental changes, mapping pipeline routes, or even tracking wildlife movements. By collecting precise geospatial data points along the way, this feature ensures that the recorded data is both accurate and comprehensive, facilitating efficient maintenance, monitoring, and emergency response.

Lines and polygons

A significant platform development has been the integration of lines and polygons within the Fulcrum app. This feature enables users to create, modify, and share geospatial data elements directly within the app. It eliminates the need for multiple platforms, reducing the risk of data inconsistencies and improving workflow efficiency. We’ll be on hand at the 2024 Esri User Conference to show off this feature. Stop by Booth 2230 to check it out!

Esri partnership

As a proud Esri Bronze Partner, Fulcrum integrates best-in-class geospatial capabilities with its platform. This partnership leverages Esri’s mapping engine as a core element, enabling advanced geospatial features like lines and polygons. The integration ensures simple and reliable two-way communication using Feature Service Layers, shapefiles, and direct API access, enhancing the overall utility of geospatial data.

Comprehensive integration solutions

Fulcrum supports integration with a wide range of applications to enhance workflows and productivity. It seamlessly connects with robust database management systems, cloud storage, and file-sharing platforms, ensuring secure data handling and collaboration. Additionally, Fulcrum’s integration with data visualization, business intelligence tools, and office productivity suites transforms raw data into actionable insights, supporting diverse operational needs. Visit Booth 2230 at the 2024 Esri User Conference to get a comprehensive list of software integrations!

FieldTech advancements

The integration of FieldTech tools like drones and sensors into Fulcrum’s platform has opened new possibilities for data collection and analysis. These tools enable comprehensive data collection by offering high-resolution images and real-time sensor data. The data can be directly uploaded to the Fulcrum platform, enhancing its utility and accessibility. This capability is particularly beneficial in sectors where detailed data is critical such as utilities, environmental monitoring, and infrastructure management.

AI capabilities

Fulcrum’s AI initiatives are progressing rapidly, offering a range of new functionalities designed to enhance data collection and processing. Currently, AI is used in features like face blurring to protect privacy. In addition, customers can now integrate their AI algorithms into mobile devices using the Fulcrum platform, while we’re hard at work creating a built-in text extraction feature for use with photos taken during field operations.

Meet us at the Esri User Conference

Join us at the 2024 Esri User Conference to experience these new features firsthand. Our team will be on hand to demonstrate how Fulcrum can revolutionize your field data collection processes and integrate seamlessly with your existing GIS infrastructure. Sign up today to schedule a 1-on-1 so we can chat more about what Fulcrum’s got to offer—and what new great things are on the horizon!