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URL Actions for Integrating Mobile Apps

April 2, 2015

The latest Fulcrum release includes some subtle enhancements for programmatically interacting with the mobile apps. We’ve introduced the fulcrumapp:// URL scheme for opening the app to create a new record or edit an existing record, with the option to pass in certain attributes via parameters.

Direct Links To Records

This new functionality opens the doors for some exciting new workflows and integrations! Examples include:

  • Scheduling work outside of Fulcrum and sending daily worksheets to your field crews.
  • Adding record links to calendar events for scheduling and notification.
  • Sending a text message with a record link for immediate inspection.
  • Integrating Fulcrum with other mobile apps that support hyperlinks or mobile intents.

A Practical Use Case

Code Enforcement Complaint Form

Say you are a local municipality using Fulcrum to manage your code enforcement violations. You receive a phone call from a neighbor complaining about a property modification that requires follow-up and a site visit. You could have a form the office staff fills out during the call, which builds a link to pre-populate a Fulcrum record with the pertinent information from the complainant. This link could then be emailed to the code enforcement officer in the field for further investigation. The clerical staff never even need to login or access the Fulcrum account, since they are simply forwarding this information along to the fieldworker who is already logged into the mobile app.

The code enforcement officer receives the email on their phone, taps the link and the Fulcrum app opens to a new record with the information recorded by the office staff already entered into the proper fields. Now they can simply verify the information, maybe take a couple of photos, and include some additional notes.

Getting Started

Check out the developer documentation on URL Actions for information on parameters, supported field types, validation, and additional examples. Kick the tires and be sure to let us know how you are using this exciting new feature!