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Using Drone Maps in the Field with DroneDeploy

January 31, 2018

View your drone maps within Fulcrum on your smartphone, to use as reference when collecting data

When we initially launched our integration with DroneDeploy on their App Market, we had other ideas on how to extend that integration to make drone imagery more accessible for fieldwork and ground-truthing using Fulcrum.

Fulcrum + DroneDeploy

The latest version of the app now allows you to quickly add your drone maps as layers inside of Fulcrum, which you can then make available as web-based layers for mobile users.

After surveying a site with your drone and processing the imagery with DroneDeploy, you can load your imagery as a layer in Fulcrum that you can use on web or mobile. This is great if you do regular revisits to collect aerial data for construction sites, landfills, utility rights-of-way, urban development projects, and more.

With a few steps you can be distributing your drone imagery data to your field ops crews using Fulcrum:

  1. Install Fulcrum-DroneDeploy from the App Market
  2. Sign into your Fulcrum account
  3. Go to the Layers tab on your imagery project view in DroneDeploy
  4. Add your imagery as a layer in Fulcrum
  5. View your data in the field on your mobile phone or tablet

Here’s a quick video walkthrough to see the process in action:

Do you use drones alongside field data collection with Fulcrum? Feel free to reach out to us with feedback on how you’d like to see this integration expand and evolve.