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Using Fulcrum’s Intelligent Team Automation to unify inspection teams

By Linda Schwefel
April 19, 2022

So, we’ve launched Intelligent Team Automation. You might have seen the video, the webinar,  the press release, or our launch blog – or maybe all the above. Today we’re going to do a little more in-depth analysis into one of the core capabilities of Intelligent Team Automation:  unifying inspection teams while optimizing each role.

While in the course of your work you inspect job sites and projects, at your core what everyone really does is manage people. The jobs don’t get done by themselves, and if you’re not managing your team, issues fall through the cracks, tasks remain unfinished, or perhaps problems aren’t reported in the first place. So, let’s look at how Intelligent Team Automation simplifies the people element of your field inspection processes, and gets the stuff you need done, well, done.

Task creation and assignment: Plan your team’s work by creating tasks and assigning them to team members, with checklists that ensure every component of the job gets completed and dashboards showing progress and status.

Public and private issue reporting: At Fulcrum, we think that you can never have too many people looking out for the quality, safety, and integrity of job sites and projects. With Fulcrum’s new public and private issue reporting, everyone on site from the superintendent to the PM to the field worker to the kid delivering sandwiches from the local sub shop can quickly and anonymously report issues just by scanning a QR code and filling out a web form – without installing any software on their phones.

Workflows: With Fulcrum Intelligent Team Automation, built-in workflows manage both the scheduled work assigned during task creation as well as any ad hoc issues discovered through public and private issue reporting so you can get started on Day 1 without having to build any forms or checklists.

Real-time dashboarding: What good are task assignments and workflows if you can’t quickly tell the status of the project, what’s going on, or who’s got this (or dropped the ball)? With Fulcrum, dashboards give you a right-now, detailed look at progress at a glance.

We hope you’re as excited about the new Fulcrum Intelligent Team Automation capabilities as we are to share them. We’ve got a bunch of resources if you’re looking to find out more, or if you’re ready to take the plunge and take Fulcrum for a test-drive yourself, why not sign up for our free 30-day trial? There’s never been a better time to make the switch!