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How Mobile Forms Help Utility Companies Improve Data and Compliance

March 20, 2019

The systems that provide our world with power and electricity require enormous amounts of data to function. Energy and utility companies must constantly monitor, analyze, and respond to events that affect these complex networks to ensure their customers have electricity.

What’s more, production and distribution of energy are subject to so many regulation and compliance requirements, operations need to be documented in meticulous detail. The ability to streamline and integrate data coming in from multiple sites is critical to staying ahead of these demands.

Mobile forms apps enable utility workers to gather information from production sites around the world and share it with teams at other sites and back at the office in real time. This not only makes regulatory compliance easy, but it enhances the company’s ability to leverage that data in numerous ways, such as:

  • Cutting waste and improving productivity
  • Making predictions and anticipating the needs of field teams
  • Responding to potential hazards

Data collected on mobile devices can be consumed quickly and integrated easily with existing data for analysis, enabling utility companies to avoid wasting precious time and introducing errors with cumbersome and outdated data-entry processes. Mobile forms bring the organization of the office to the field, which not only improves workflows, but increases the reliability of the data collected.

A mobile forms app like Fulcrum allows field managers to build custom forms to deploy to their teams and change them on the fly as new issues are uncovered. Field workers can use them to collect all kinds of geo-tagged data, including photos, audio, video, and signatures — with or without internet connectivity — and save themselves a trip back to the office at the end of a long workday.

Mobile data collection helps energy and utility companies keep up with regulatory requirements, streamline their operations, and have more confidence in their data. This enables them to better serve their customers, keep their field teams safe, and gain a competitive edge in today’s crowded marketplace.

Are you looking for a mobile forms solution to help your contractors work more efficiently in the field? See how other energy and utility companies are already using Fulcrum to collect and share data from the field!