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Utility pole inspection software success stories

By The Fulcrum Team
February 27, 2023

 Utility poles are everywhere, so much a part of the landscape that we don’t even notice them. That is, unless something goes wrong. A power or cable outage due to a defective utility pole is bad, sure. But did you know that about 10% of California’s wildfires are caused by utility pole failures, including Camp Fire, the worst wildfire in California state history? Utility companies face high stakes, necessitating a strict inspection schedule to maintain their utility poles in optimal condition.

Fulcrum fills the need for accurate data, with automatic geotagging and offline data collection capabilities. This is essential for utility companies and their personnel seeking efficient and precise utility pole inspection software. That’s why Osmose Utilities Services Company, a leading service provider safeguarding North American utility infrastructure, chose Fulcrum to help it perform pole inspections. Read below to discover even more utility pole inspection software success stories from the field!

Celerity Integrated Services

Celerity Integrated Services – A telecom contracting company that designs, builds, and services fiber optic and wireless infrastructure, Celerity uses Fulcrum to conduct pole audits, route maintenance, and feasibility studies for its Pennsylvania utility, education, and government clients. With field teams often working far from networks, Celerity needed a platform that supported offline mapping – and one that allowed for techs to download and follow routes 200 km long and longer, without being dependent upon a signal. In addition to saving time by not having to return to the office to sync inspection data, Celerity can share the data it collects with its clients, including repair statuses, as work is completed. 

Electrical utility worker performing utility pole inspection work by a rollercoaster

“For every hour we spend in the field, we’re saving about 20 minutes back in the office. It’s a noticeable difference.”


Northpower – One the largest multi-utility contractors in New Zealand, Northland is responsible for auditing and inspecting over 85,000 pillars. Using its previous pen-and-paper method, Northland retained two full-time employees plus one full-time contractor. At this staffing level, the team inspected about 45 pillars a day. After switching to Fulcrum, two employees perform 60 inspections daily, increasing productivity by 33% while eliminating need for the contractor. Additionally, Fulcrum’s mapping feature helps the field team find the roughly 10% of pillars often hidden by vegetation, eliminating the need for revisits.

Graphic representation of the staffing and productivity improvements experienced doing utility pole inspections using Fulcrum

“The introduction of the iPads to the field inspectors has had a dramatic impact on the business. Inspectors improve route planning using a map showing all pillars they must inspect. We’re now able to visit all pillars in a patrol. Missed pillars are a thing of the past which has improved the overall safety, and we’re doing more work with fewer people.”

Interested in learning more about Fulcrum for utility pole inspections and maintenance? Get inspired by the Fulcrum implementation story of Osmose Utilities Services, a leading provider of mobile inspection services for utilities. . . or give it a field test for yourself with our free trial