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Viewing Child Records on the Web

January 15, 2014

With the addition of repeatable fields, which enable the collection of parent-child relational data, we have also added ways for you to access and visualize both data types through the Fulcrum data management website. The regular data view is still available and will allow you to view and modify records as before, however, we have enhanced the data view for apps using repeatable fields to make the child record data accessible as well. In addition, through the record editor on the Fulcrum dashboard, you are able to view, collect, and modify child records. Finally, because child records can have unique locations themselves, independent of the parent, map views are also available for child records.

Parent-Child Data Map View

Parent Records

When viewing records for an app with the table or split view, a column for each repeatable field in the top level of the app will be included. For each record, the number of child records will be listed in the appropriate repeatable field column, as shown in the image below. This example shows a park maintenance app, used to collect information about parks (the parent) and the assets within the parks (like benches, tables, shelters, etc.).

Data View - Parent Record Repeatable Column

Child Records

The data view can also be used to view child records for each repeatable field in an app. The app picker now includes all of the repeatable fields under each app name. To view the child records for a specific repeatable field, simply select the name of the field from the list.

Data View - Select App Repeatable

After selecting a repeatable field from the app list, the page will reload and display the associated child records. The status, project, assigned to, and text search filter options are available for child records, just like parent records.

Data View - Child Records

The table view will show all of the child records for the selected repeatable field. A column is included in the table view to show the title of each child’s parent record, as shown in the image below.

Data View - Parent title in Child Records

Record View and Editor

The record viewer/editor allows for viewing the child records directly associated with a particular parent record. In the editor, repeatable fields will appear similar to section headings. Repeatable fields will include the name of the field as well as the number of child records. To view the child records, simple click on the repeatable field in the field list.

Data View - Record Editor

After clicking on a repeatable field, the associated child records will be displayed. If location is enabled for the repeatable field, a map view with markers for each child record will be displayed along with the list of child records. As you can see in these examples, this lets you browse (in list or map view) the assets within each park, view photos, and edit each of the asset items individually.

Data View - Record Editor Showing Child Records

Clicking on a child record will display the field view for the selected child record.

Data View - Record Editor Showing Child Record

The ability to not only collect, but also view parent-child data with the Fulcrum web app is an exciting and long-awaited feature. We are excited about how these new capabilities will impact and enhance your ability to collect the data you need. If you have a data collection staff of several inspectors or enumerators, you should also read up on our data auto-merge features, which make it possible to collaborate directly on the same data without causing conflicts. These features are currently available to teams with Small plans and up, but also available to try by registering for your free trial.