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Customer story

Conducting pole audits, feasibility studies, and fiber optic route maintenance

The Customer


Celerity is a telecom contracting company that designs, builds, and services fiber optic and wireless infrastructure, the primary medium for communication and data transfers in the world today. They have engineered thousands of miles of fiber optic infrastructure for telecommunications and utility companies as well as educational and governmental organizations. Their seasoned professionals use the most current equipment, making Celerity a premier provider of OSP engineering, aerial and underground construction, splicing and testing services, and next mile wireless networks.

Conducting pole audits, feasibility studies, and fiber optic route maintenance around Philadelphia, PA.

Quakertown, PA


The field technicians and engineers at Celerity collect massive amounts of data while conducting route maintenance, inspections, and feasibility studies for their customers, and their manual collection and storage methods were becoming too time-intensive.

They needed a digital platform that would enable them to collect and store data all in one central location.


“We were looking for a scalable and customizable solution,” said Celerity Network Solutions Advisor Jeff Whitman. “There’s lots out there, but they’re not necessarily of value.”

Before landing on Fulcrum, Jeff tried a few different mobile forms apps, but “at the price point, it wasn’t worth our time or effort,” he said. “[Fulcrum] is not the cheapest,” he continued, “but it’s the best bang for your buck. And a lot of it was how you as a company responded to our needs.”

Celerity Technical Image

Celerity needed a platform that supports offline mapping, and our support team worked with them to find the right solution. “When we do route maintenance, these can be long distances — 190 kilometers, 200 kilometers — and we wanted our field technicians to be able to see the whole distance within a map,” Jeff said.

Now, “We can take a map we already have and import it into Fulcrum for our field technicians to follow. It’s a critical feature.”

Jeff noted that ease of use was another factor that influenced him to choose Fulcrum. “You need to make it as easy as possible for field technicians,” he said, “and that’s really what you get with your product.”

Celerity Field Image

Results & Benefits

Since implementing Fulcrum, Jeff says Celerity has experienced significant savings. “Our field technicians are spending less and less time in the office. They spend it more on field tasks, rather than office tasks,” he said.

How much time? Jeff estimates that for every hour they spend in the field, they’re saving about 20 minutes back in the office. “It’s a noticeable difference.”

Another benefit Jeff sees with Fulcrum is how easy it is to share data. “We like that there are a lot of ways to export the data,” he said. “We like to share the data with our customers. When we go out and repair things, we change them from ‘needs attention’ to ‘fixed,’ and we can share that with our customers. They are very impressed with the way our data is being presented to them.”