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Bidirectional data flow for quicker, safer power restoration

Power outages challenge utility companies to act fast and smart. The core strategy? GIS field data collection, a critical technology for swift service restoration and safety assurance. It connects field crew actions with centralized system insights, empowering a faster recovery process. Field teams using GIS can promptly report issues, making data-driven decisions that speed up the power restoration work and minimize outage time.

Chart new territory with lines and polygons in Fulcrum

Join Fulcrum’s top product executives in an exclusive webinar as they unveil the latest breakthrough in field data collection and management: native lines and polygons in Fulcrum. This enhancement revolutionizes how organizations harness geographical data, catering to the industrial-strength GIS demands of field-oriented industries.

Fulcrum Insider, Issue 30

Fulcrum Insider – October 2023

Fulcrum GIS lines and polygons demo video

Explore Fulcrum’s capabilities with our concise five-minute GIS lines and polygons demo. This engaging tutorial goes beyond basic instruction, showcasing how to revolutionize your field data collection. It uses practical scenarios, like power pole inspections, to demonstrate the real-world application and effectiveness of Fulcrum’s GIS-first data collection platform.

Getting higher-quality data from the field

This webinar will focus on several issues related to the standardization and improvement of higher quality field data collection. In addition, we will explore how fixing these issues naturally helps solve some workforce issues you’re probably facing.

Notes from the field: best practices designing field data processes

Fieldwork is demanding, expensive, and full of unforeseen challenges. Achieving an optimized, efficient workflow involves iterative stages, trial and error, and focused testing. These efforts balance trade-offs to capture the necessary data. Join Coleman McCormick, in collaboration with Geo Week, as he shares best practices for designing field data processes.

Fulcrum Insider, Issue 29

Fulcrum Insider – September 2023

Water infrastructure solutions start with Fulcrum

Are you looking for a data collection solution to revolutionize your water infrastructure projects and field operations? Fulcrum’s water infrastructure solution software is your key to success – and we’ve got the infographic to prove it! Following are some infographic highlights on how Fulcrum provides:

Leading the field in utility data collection

The Fulcrum field inspection management platform digitizes utilities inspections to maximize field team performance and agility.

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