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Check out our resources designed to help you get the most out of Fulcrum.

People, not things: becoming interdisciplinary safety enablers

Safety professionals should consider making a shift from inspecting things to supporting people in their efforts to achieve safer outcomes.

Learn how location-aware mobile apps assist Wonderful Orchards

Location-enabled mobile data collection has helped Wonderful Orchards grow nutritious foods safely and efficiently.

Lessons learned from digital transformation of inspections

Lessons learned from our customers that could help safety professionals manage the digital transformation of inspections within their orgs.

Mobile apps that bridge smart grids with smarter people

Learn how Fulcrum helps field teams with mobile apps

Best practices for repeatability in field services

Managing multiple field service projects can place unique demands on GIS experts. Learn about repeatability best practices.

Managing health and safety risk in a post-COVID world

Learn from a panel of safety experts as they discuss how things have changed because of COVID-19

Effective checklists for process management

Watch this on-demand webcast to learn how to leverage checklists for process optimization.

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