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Gas station inspection checklist

Download this free PDF checklist to ensure proper storage and waste management.

Use this gas station inspection checklist to conduct site visits and document how fueling station servicing is performed, how waste is handled, and analyze the station’s emergency protocols.

This page will discuss:

  • Gas station inspection checklist requirements
  • The purpose of a gas station inspection checklist
  • Benefits of using a gas station inspection checklist app

What are the requirements of a gas station inspection checklist?

Because gas stations are highly vulnerable to the risks associated with the handling and storage of fuel and other hazardous substances, they must be inspected regularly to ensure environmental compliance, as well as the safety of attendants and customers. This fuel station inspection checklist is designed for authorities to conduct a site visit to be sure each facility is properly disposing of waste and is prepared and equipped to respond quickly in the event of a spill.

Who uses a gas station inspection checklist and why?

Good management practices are crucial for preventing spills that could potentially contaminate the soil and water surrounding the fueling station. State departments of agriculture or even EPA inspectors may conduct gas station site visits to verify that the owner is meeting safety standards as well as state and federal regulations.

Why use a fueling station inspection app?

Unlike a PDF checklist, a gas station inspection app is completely customizable, so you can create fully functional mobile apps for inspecting different types of stations or to accommodate the specific regulations of different states. You can also attach multimedia fields to document any hazards or to verify that a facility is following safe storage and disposal procedures, and share inspection reports with stakeholders in real time or near-real time.

Download the checklist

What is Fulcrum?

Fulcrum is a SaaS-based field inspection management platform that digitizes inspection processes, provides intelligent automation for inspection teams, and delivers data-driven reporting and analytics to drive safer and higher-quality outcomes.

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Improve Field Processes
Track team effectiveness and productivity with rigorous processes and better data
Streamline Reporting
Ensure accurate, up-to-date, accessible documentation for clients, managers, regulators and other stakeholders
Make Data-Driven Decisions
Leverage real-time, geotagged data to determine next steps and make faster, more informed decisions

Trusted by more than 2,500 companies and 30,000 users in 100+ countries

Jim Metz - speeds things up, adhering to safety sop

Jim Metz

Vice President of Safety
FM Sylvan
Fulcrum speeds things up. It was almost instantaneous. It allows accountability for people running the job to see what their guys are doing to make sure they’re adhering to safety policies.
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Aaron Vanover - catch more issues

Aaron Vanover

Manager of Quality Assurance and Quality Control
Halton Company
Using Fulcrum, Halton Company’s quality control team provides richer, better documented support, enabling them to catch more issues.
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Daniel Stepner - easy to use, customer service

Daniel Stepner

Senior Consultant
I have used many programs for field asset inspections. Fulcrum has been the easiest to set up, use in the field, and update. The service provided by the Fulcrum team has been top-rate.
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James Watts - safety once you close the loop from action to insight

James Watts

Director of Health and Safety
Snavely Forest Products and Weekes Forest Products
Fulcrum helps us improve processes and make our work environment safer by streamlining inspections, surfacing inspection-related insights, and managing follow-up actions. Once you close the loop from action to insight to further action, the possibilities are limitless.
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Gavin Kelley - training period short, same data whether junior/senior collector

Gavin Kelley

Senior Software Developer
Tilson Tech
It is so easy to use that our training period is greatly shortened. Data quality is very important to us so it can’t be overly complicated. We still get the same data quality regardless if it is a junior or senior data collector.
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