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Keeping Track of Maintenance to Your Fleet Vehicles

February 18, 2016

If you operate a motor pool in your line of work, you probably realize how challenging it can be to maintain good records of your vehicles. Some people use paper forms and spreadsheets but find this to be limiting and time consuming. Many companies just don’t actively manage their fleet at all, hoping that the drivers will perform maintenance when needed. If you operate a fleet of vehicles and you use Fulcrum, here is an app you may want to deploy to your staff.

Fulcrum Fleet Maintenance App

Our Fleet Maintenance App provides a simple way for fleet managers to update and monitor the maintenance records of their vehicles in the field. Keeping accurate records and having that information available at all times helps reduce the overall time that any vehicle is out of operation. A good companion to our Fleet Maintenance app is the Vehicle Mileage Tracker app. If you deploy these apps to your fleet, let us know. We think you’ll quickly appreciate the gains in efficiency it provides your fleet manager and would love to hear of new ways of improving these apps further.