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Fulcrum & CARTO partner to provide COVID-19 emergency response solutions

April 13, 2020

The COVID-19 epidemic highlights the importance of a data-driven approach. From an epidemiological view, limited test data restricts our understanding of the spread and future trajectory. Often, even available data is hard to analyze and present in a form useful for public and policymaker decisions.

These challenges—ranging from incomplete data collection to difficulties in data analysis and visualization—slow our broad response. They also affect our operational response, impacting critical COVID-19 activities. These include sanitization, inspection of clinical settings, “essential” facilities, patient identification, and contact tracing.

Hospitals, outpatient facilities, nursing homes, and essential retail must ensure adherence to sanitization and life safety guidelines. They need to track where and when breaches occur. Furthermore, they must analyze compliance across multiple locations and within each location. This analysis includes understanding impacted procedures, staff, and potentially affected patients or customers.

CARTO and Fulcrum COVID-19 integrated solution

While many applications have emerged to tackle COVID-19 challenges, none has offered a unified solution for the entire data lifecycle. This includes data collection, analysis, and visualization. CARTO and Fulcrum are excited to unveil the world’s first integrated solutions. These innovations simplify data collection, analysis, and visualization to speed up COVID-19 response efforts.

Having already issued hundreds of free licenses to organizations and individuals using data to fight COVID-19 through their grants program, we are now proud to announce that CARTO and Fulcrum will now provide mutual solutions for a three-month period as part of the same program – allowing organizations to deploy at no cost with app support for a limited timeframe.

Developed by Spatial Networks, Fulcrum is the industry-leading data collection platform that enables users to easily build custom apps for capturing information in the field — serving industries such as critical infrastructure, security, telecoms and agriculture, among others. CARTO’s spatial analysis platform complements Fulcrum’s mobile apps by allowing organizations to store, enrich, analyze and visualize the location data collected — allowing decision makers in a wide range of industries to gain geospatial insights for their response to COVID-19.

‍Key use cases

Fulcrum and CARTO’s extensive experience in field services, healthcare and epidemiology allow them to provide value across several use cases, including:

‍Clinical infection prevention and life safety

With Fulcrum’s Infection Prevention and Life Safety Checklist, hospitals can collect data for each unit, ward or office and on a room by room basis, to demonstrate that the appropriate steps are being taken on an ongoing basis to ensure safety and reduce the risk of infection in hospitals, nursing homes, rehab centers, and other clinical settings. Fulcrum allows collection of data in real time on a scheduled basis and incorporates geospatial data collection to show exactly where a checklist was completed.

CARTO’s Indoor Mapping solutions allow for visualizing data at a single facility or across multiple facilities. This capability enables management to easily identify areas with safety measures in place and those requiring action. Instead of deciphering data in Excel, managers can use intuitive dashboards for a clear understanding.

Patient case data collection and visualization

Much like CARTO’s collaboration with the Spanish government on AsistenciaCOVID-19, this partnership will also facilitate the real-time collection and visualization of Coronavirus case related data. Using a checklist CDC person under investigation form, data can be captured on mobile devices. CARTO would then allow cities and government agencies to see visualizations and spatial models relating to this data, such as case numbers, outcomes, patient numbers and ventilator availability / scarcity.

Corporate inspection and facility management

Similar to the Clinical Infection Prevention use case, validating cleaning is crucial for safety. This approach protects both workers and the public in diverse environments. Fulcrum’s COVID-19 cleaning inspection app supports these efforts effectively. It enables organizations to monitor cleanliness at both facility and regional levels. The app is especially useful in retail, hospitality, airlines, and real estate management.

Like the Clinical Infection Prevention use case, it’s vital to validate cleaning and sanitization in workspaces to protect workers and the public. Fulcrum’s COVID-19 cleaning inspection app helps organizations apply these measures. They can do this at both facility and regional levels across various sectors. These sectors include retail, hospitality, airlines, and real estate for property management.

If your organization needs better decision-making tools against COVID-19, we’re here to support you. We will offer our combined services pro-bono for three months. This initiative aims to leverage applications and data in combating the pandemic and aiding economic recovery.

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