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Location leverage: improving operational efficiency and profit margins with geospatial data

March 16, 2021

In a recent study conducted by Boston Consulting Group (BCG), 95% of executives across several industries in the United States, UK, Singapore and India said that mapping and GIS location intelligence are important to achieving desired business results.


“If you had asked six to seven years ago, I would have said geospatial data is nice to have,” said one, “but now it’s a must-have.”

‍Of course, this comes as no surprise to us: Fulcrum has been helping organizations leverage location-based data to make more informed decisions for the last decade, and have seen the impact it’s had on their businesses. For example:

Today, with the rapid pace of innovation in cloud and mobile technologies, mapping and geospatial data are more widely available — and accessible — than ever.

What is location intelligence?

Location intelligence is a method of deriving insights from location data to solve a business problem.

Location-based data enables organizations to understand what’s happening in the field, which helps them reduce inefficiencies, optimize their processes and better serve their customers. It improves their ability to do things like:

  • Locate the source of service interruptions quickly
  • Deploy teams and resources to where they’re needed
  • Rapidly identify and remediate potential hazards

This allows organizations to, among other things, minimize delays and reduce safety incidents, improve productivity, and increase customer satisfaction.

BCG’s survey found that the more that organizations incorporated location-based data into their business strategy, the more value they realized. For example, the firm saw a 30% improvement in key operational metrics, such as Average Time to Fulfill Service, between location-savvy businesses and those that were just starting out. Customer-related metrics, such as net promoter score and customer satisfaction, doubled. Naturally, they concluded that companies must derive new ways to leverage geospatial data to achieve higher levels of operational efficiency and maintain profit margins.

But collecting and analyzing location-based data is a challenge if you don’t have the right tools.‍

Woman looking at GIS map in Fulcrumapp - Boost efficiency & profit with GIS location intelligence

Location data from the ground up

Many enterprise organizations invest in large-scale GIS platforms such as Esri to view and analyze geospatial data. But in order to realize the true value of location data, you need to harness it at the point of collection — and that means putting that power in the hands of your field teams.

Most GIS tools are too sophisticated for laypeople to use directly — which drives demand for easy-to-use, location-aware mobile apps that can capture location data quickly and efficiently at scale.

Fulcrum is a data collection application development platform that enables organizations to digitize mobile data collection, deploy apps, forms, and reports, deliver field workflow automation, and drive location-based insights, without relying on teams of developers or IT. It also integrates seamlessly with your existing GIS programs and enterprise systems so you can get high-quality location data to your GIS analysts instantly and create a feedback loop that enables you to continually optimize your data-collection processes.

Each record in Fulcrum is geotagged and time-stamped automatically for real-time monitoring. This allows you to track operations through GIS tools or the Fulcrum dashboard. Additionally, you can upload custom map layers from existing GIS tools into Fulcrum. This ensures availability of GIS location intelligence on mobile devices, even offline. Fulcrum’s location data bridges the gap between the field and office, instantly accessible from anywhere. It also enables your mobile workers to:

  • Generate fully formatted reports for managers, clients, and other stakeholders the instant an inspection is completed
  • Automatically kick off processes in other applications to improve fulfillment timelines
  • Post new information to maps in Esri, CARTO, and other GIS tools for real-time geographic visibility

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