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Transform your tried-and-true to improved-and-new with Intelligent Team Automation

March 29, 2022

Doing field inspections is nothing new. Even back in the Stone Age, when Fred Flintstone was done with his workday at the Slate Rock and Gravel Company, Mr. Slate probably came around with a stone tablet and a small dinosaur with a sharp beak to chisel in the results of a field inspection of Fred’s work.

Fulcrum was born some 12,000 or so years later, becoming the original field inspection management platform and setting the gold standard for digital fieldwork. But we just couldn’t leave well enough alone.

Introducing Intelligent Team Automation by Fulcrum

Like you, we’re always looking to do things faster, smarter, better. After extensive research, client feedback, trials, and testing, Fulcrum has completely reimagined field inspections. We’ve introduced powerful features that enhance what was already great, making it even better. Fulcrum’s next-gen Intelligent Team Automation capabilities allow users to:

  • Increase team productivity by automating inspection processes out-of-the-box and at scale to deliver safer, higher quality and more compliant outcomes on Day 1.
  • Foster operational excellence with performance dashboards and end-to-end inspection program visibility that enables real-time collaboration of inspectors, managers, and other key stakeholders.
  • Promote organization-wide improvement using a single-pane-of-glass view across teams to drive informed, proactive decision-making.

Get a quick intro by watching this brief video.

And don’t worry, current Fulcrum users – the platform and inspection processes you’ve been enjoying aren’t going anywhere. But, if you’ve been contemplating the launch of a new project, there’s never been a better time to get a sneak peek of the awesome by starting it on the updated platform.

For information on all things Intelligent Team Automation, please check out these resources:

And finally, join us for our webinar on April 7, 2022, Introducing Intelligent Team Automation from Fulcrum, to find out what innovations are in store. The webinar is free but registration is limited – sign up today!