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Make inspections a team sport.

Intelligent Team Automation helps you manage inspection teams to drive the operational and business impact that your organization needs.

Next-gen field inspection management

Fulcrum’s new Intelligent Team Automation capabilities revolutionize the way users perform inspections — enhancing platform functionality to streamline inspections on Day 1, unify inspection teams while optimizing each role, and drive actionable inspection insights organization-wide across teams and projects.
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Plan and execute

Start by digitally assigning and scheduling inspection tasks to field teams so you can track their progress and ensure accountability. You'll be able to optimize their productivity with easy-to-use configurable checklists, scheduling, and progress tracking.
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Inspect and report

Next, enable your team to engage in broad inspection issue reporting using apps, checklists, or the web. External stakeholders can report issues, too, just by scanning a QR code — without even downloading any software to their phones. You'll get a complete, real-time snapshot of issues surfaced during inspections or during walkthroughs.
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Assign and resolve

Once issues have surfaced, you can schedule and assign downstream issue remediation tasks, ensure inspection follow-up, and track progress and resolution. You'll reduce project and operational time and cost risk with real-time, end-to-end issue resolution visibility that promotes proactive remediation and inspection follow-up.
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Analyze and improve

The inspection data you capture will and enable you to share performance and outcomes across projects and teams, enabling collaboration and better-informed decisions. You’ll drive organization-wide improvement with consolidated views of field inspections that help you understand what you’re doing well and where you need to do better.
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All of these functions happen in real time, with information flowing among inspectors, managers, and other key project stakeholders. Your entire extended team will gain end-to-end visibility that will help drive collaboration from inspectors to executives and across horizontal teams.
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Construction & Engineering

Degenkolb Engineers

Learn how Degenkolb Engineers used Fulcrum to minimize the disruption of patient care while inspecting California hospitals for earthquake safety compliance.
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