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Using Offline Maps Online

March 13, 2014

As a follow-up to Last week’s announcement regarding the addition of layers functionality, today I want to walk through using offline map layers in the Fulcrum web app. Utilizing offline map layers in the web app allows the user to review data in the same manner as the data was collected.

The scenario we will follow is that of a building survey being conducted in Ithaca, NY to verify which buildings are residential and which are commercial. We will be using an offline map containing parcel data on both a mobile device for collecting data, and in the web app for analyzing the data that was collected. For information on creating offline maps, please read our guide, and for help adding layers to your Fulcrum account, checkout the layers section of the manual.

In the Field

We are going to assume that I have already created my offline map and added it as a layer in my Fulcrum account. I have a colleague in the field collecting data using his iPhone and he has been granted permission to use the offline map. While collecting data, he will enable the parcel map layer.

Displaying offline map in mobile app

With the parcel layer enabled, my colleague is able to click on a parcel for details that can then be used when creating and editing the building records.

After completing his field work, my colleague synchronizes all of his additions and edits with Fulcrum.

At the Office

Back at the office I want to review the data my colleague has collected. So, I open up the building survey app through the online Fulcrum web management interface.

Fulcrum web with no layers enabled

Prior to the release of the layers functionality, I would not be able to view the same parcel data layer within the Fulcrum web app as my colleague was able to with the mobile app. However, now I too can overlay the parcel layer and see exactly what he saw when he was in the field collecting data.

Enabling a layer in Fulcrum web app

With the parcel layer enabled, I am able to analyze the data my colleague collected more effectively. As on the mobile device, clicking on a parcel will display the associated data.

Fulcrum web with parcel layer enabled

The layer is also visible in the record editor.

Fulcrum web editor with parcel layer enabled

Adding the ability to view offline map layers within the Fulcrum web app was a driving force behind the implementation of the layers functionality. Our goal was to bridge the gap between the field and the office by allowing you to have the same map view in the web app and on the mobile device.

The new layers functionality adds flexibility and power to the Fulcrum web app. Stay tuned as we highlight additional ways you can use layers to improve and enhance visualizing your Fulcrum data.