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Presenting Fulcrum at CARTO Super Camp: Builder Edition

August 16, 2016

Last month, our longtime partner, CartoDB, rebranded as CARTO and launched their latest product — CARTO Builder. This rebranding and new product launch signify their commitment to the field of Location Intelligence. While the CartoDB Editor made it easy to visualize map data, CARTO Builder provides additional tools for simplifying data analysis and building out data dashboards. Manually-constructed SQL queries and coded applications have given way to widget-based application development. Data exploration and analysis can be accomplished in an intuitive way, without ever having to write any code.

CARTO Builder Camp


The Fulcrum/CARTO partnership is built on a simple premise — Fulcrum provides a compelling platform for modern field data collection and CARTO provides a compelling platform for data analysis and visualization. Our platforms complement each other, are built on many of the same core components, and our users tend to be agile, pragmatic, and demand technology that “just works”.

Fulcrum + CARTO Builder

We’ve had the privilege of working with the new Builder tool during the early preview release with impressive results and we’re excited to be presenting later this week at the CARTO Super Camp: Builder Edition. I will be walking through a culvert inventory and inspection scenario where I’ll cover the following topics:

  • Building out the data collection form in Fulcrum
  • Loading map tiles from CARTO as reference layers in the field
  • Leveraging the CARTO SQL API for geofencing and spatial joins
  • Syncing Fulcrum field data to CARTO in real-time
  • Publishing a CARTO data dashboard for live analysis
Fulcrum + CARTO Builder

Combining Fulcrum with the new CARTO Builder, it’s now possible to build out a highly customized data collection, visualization, and analysis platform, all without ever writing a single line of code! You can literally drag and drop your way to Data Collection + Location Intelligence.