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Using Record Assignment to Control Field Operation Workflow

March 20, 2013

In our latest round of updates, we introduced the ability for administrators to control and assign records to users within the operation workflow of their organization. When a record is assigned to a user, only that user will be able to download and modify the record on their mobile device. This can be useful for ensuring that each team member is doing their job, divide work between users, or to ensure that confidential data is only seen by qualified users.

For this tutorial, I will show you how to assign records within an existing dataset outside of Fulcrum, and then import that data to create a new app. Keep in mind that you can also use this method to update existing Fulcrum datasets, simply by exporting your data from Fulcrum, editing it, and then reimporting it into that existing app.

Prepare your data

Once you have obtained or cleaned up an existing dataset, add a new column, assigned_to.

Enter the email of the user to whom you would like to assign each record. In this example, I am assigning records to users based on the city where condo units are located. User 1 will be responsible for condos in Clearwater, while User 2 will be responsible for condos in St. Petersburg. I did this by first filtering ‘Clearwater’, entering the email of User 1 into the top record, and then using the “fill” feature to fill the rows below. I repeated the same steps for St. Petersburg and User 2. After you are finished, be sure to save as a CSV file.


Import the data into Fulcrum

Follow the steps of the import wizard to either create a new app or import data into an existing app. Notice that the ‘assigned_to’ field does not show up throughout the import steps.

Data import

You’re done! Go look at your records…

After the import has been completed, enter the record view and select a record. After clicking ‘edit’, you will notice that the record has been assigned to a user. You can always change the record assignment from here. You can assign users to new records from here as well.

View data

Optional: Edit your app

In this example, I simply imported condo locations and some other basic information, creating a new app. Before using this app in the field, I would take some time to organize the app into sections. To turn it into a Real Estate Data App, I also added a new section for collecting price, amenities, photos, etc. Now the users who have just been assigned records have empty fields to fill with data.