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Responsive Apps Powered by Fulcrum

October 20, 2014

In addition to the recently released Map Embed feature, we’ve just open sourced a simple template for building responsive web applications, powered by Fulcrum data shares. This template wraps the Bootstrap framework and Leaflet mapping library into a fullscreen, mobile-friendly map application with a responsive navbar, searchable & sortable sidebar, and modal info windows. You can configure the app Title and provide your own logo or icon, in addition to defining which fields you want to expose and whether the markers should be clustered or not.

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The template can be accessed directly from the hosted GitHub project site and customized via simple URL parameters. To get started, simply enable data shares for your Fulcrum app, copy the access token, and head over to the GitHub readme.

This hosted utility allows you to quickly configure a public “Micro Site” where you can share your live Fulcrum data stream with the public on both desktop and mobile devices.

Notable features

  • Custom app title and optional logo
  • Optional auto refresh to poll for data updates every minute
  • Social sharing, both site-wide and per feature
  • Responsive photo gallery viewer
  • Data download links for CSV, GeoJSON, and KML
  • Browser geolocation with GPS accuracy enabled

We’d love to hear how you are sharing your Fulcrum data – feel free to send your ideas to support@fulcrumapp.com. Be on the lookout for additional open source projects from Team Fulcrum.